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If you are in looking for a copier or printer in the Daytona Beach area, please come by our showroom at the base of the Seabreeze bridge in Daytona Beach. We carry a broad range of copiers, printers and scanners, to fit nearly any copying, printing and scanning needs. And best of all, our copiers printers and scanners are refurbished right here in the shop located behind our showroom, so we guarantee the equipment will meet all factory specifications, and will work just as well as a new copier or printer, and at a fraction of the cost.

Why should you consider a refurbished copier? Many businesses opt for expensive copier and printer leases from the manufacturers, as a part of the terms of their lease, they receive a new copier or printer every few years. Often there is little or nothing wrong with the machine they are replacing, other than that it is a previous year’s model. We buy those copiers and printers, give them a thorough inspection, replace any necessary parts and clean them up to the point that they often look like a new copier printer. By buying this machine, you are getting the same functionality of a copier or printer that costs twice as much or more, but is just as efficient and reliable as the more expensive machine. Most of our machines are priced hundreds or thousands of dollars cheaper than their newer counterpart.

Consider this, for most inkjet on the market, the cost of printing is around 20 cents per page, our copiers cut that to under a penny (black and white).

When we purchase our equipment, we purchase only industrial grade products. What that means is you can expect 6-8 years of useful life out of the copier. We have customers that have has their copiers for over 10 years. And just to be clear, these were machines that we bought, refurbished in our shop, put in their businesses and were serviced regularly as a part of our service contract.

Our service contract is a “Bumper-to-Bumper” plan, and covers everything but the paper. That means it covers regular service, repair service, parts, labor and toner. We pride ourselves on the speed of our response to service requests. Last year, our average response time was 2.8 hours. So from the time that someone called and requested one of our copier techs to come out and service their copier. There was a technician there doing the work in under three hours.

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Same Day Service Available!

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